Even here

I’m fat, graying, scarred, unfashionable, generally homely as the proverbial mud fence. It bothers me less and less these days, and today I was reminded why.

At break, I met another DSpace admin, who will remain anonymous in this post for reasons that will shortly become obvious. Unlike me, she is young and conventionally quite attractive. She introduced herself to me, and we talked DSpace geekery for a bit before she said in a low voice, “I was glad to see another woman in the room. There was this guy from [locale deleted] behind me who was going on and on about taking me out, and you helped me escape him.”

In other words, some creepwad came on to her. At a PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE.

For future reference, I am always available as a haven for folks in like case. I give off plenty enough ugly vibes (never mind “tall and hefty and imposing-looking” vibes) to make these wankers piss off.

I don’t know who the perp was. I don’t want to know (though if I find out, he should worry). Right now I just want to tell him, loudly and publicly, that he needs to cut that crap out NOW. No woman should have to “escape” people in a professional setting. EVER.

And yet it happens. Not to me, because I’m old and fat and ugly and married. But it happens. And it shouldn’t. And when the hell is it going to damned well stop?